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Mon Oct 7th 2019 (-16 days from now) 09:00:00am

By 2050, the United Nations estimates that Nigeria’s population will double. Combined with data which shows a rising incidence of unemployment and underemployment, Nigeria may be faced with an unsustainable demographic growth made up of predominantly young unemployed/underemployed Nigerians.

The counterfactual is also true that the dominant young working-age population on the continent will be resident in Nigeria making it possible for the development of human capital to translate into greater national productivity and growth. Consequently, the challenge of sustainable peace and security becomes more complex.

Socio-economic growth is the bedrock of national development and insecurity erodes the confidence, peace and enabling an environment that is critical to achieving real tangible and substantial economic growth and development. NES #25 will bring stakeholders in private sector, public sector, social sector, politics, civil society, academia, international organisations, and diplomatic community together to create a unifying narrative for setting a long-term national agenda that will be led by the private sector.