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NESG At a Glance

In 1993, a group of passionate and concerned private sector leaders representing key economic sectors conceived the Nigerian Economic Summit (NES) and sustained it as a platform for bringing together private sector leaders and senior public sector officials to discuss and dialogue on the future of the Nigerian Economy.

Three years later, in 1996, the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) was established and incorporated as a non-profit, non-partisan private sector organisation with a mandate to promote and champion the reform of the Nigerian economy into an open, private sector-led globally competitive economy.

Over the years, NESG has achieved significant progress in the areas of research outputs, execution of programmes, seminars, conferences and workshops aimed at facilitating the formulation and implementation of social and economic reform programmes for the growth and transformation of the Nigerian economy. NESG has emerged as the most notable platform for public-private dialogue in Nigeria. During this period, the Group has established an excellent working relationship with the Government of Nigeria, the public sector, private sector, and other stakeholders.

The flagship of the Group’s advocacy efforts is the annual Nigerian Economic Summit (NES), which provides government and private sector an opportunity to review the progress made in our economic reform effort and agree on practical ways to manage issues which may have constrained effective policy implementation.

Our Foundation Principles

1. Commitment to a free market economy

2. Encouragement of private sector investment

3. Creation of an enabling environment

4. Governance in the national interest

5. Commitment to the rule of law

6. Establishment of economic foundation for democracy

Our Vision

To become Africa’s leading private sector think-tank committed to the development of a modern globally competitive and inclusive Nigerian economy

Our Mission

To promote and champion the reform of the Nigerian economy into an open, inclusive, sustainable and globally competitive economy

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The membership of the NESG is divided into two major categories, The Corporate Elite and Corporate Enhanced.

Our Proud History

In The National Interest

Our mandate - "To promote and champion the reform of the Nigerian economy into an open, globally competitive economy."

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