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Thu May 21st 2020
1 year ago 11:00:00am

Nigeria TripleHelix Roundtable Webinar with the theme: Fostering Economic Diversification through University-industry Collaboration.

Nigeria has been attempting to diversify the country’s economy for more than three decades, but there is little to show for it today. Before crude oil became the dominant source of the nation’s income, products such as cocoa, rubber, groundnuts and palm-oil were the nation’s top export earners. Crude oil not only led to a shrinking of the output in and export of cash crops, it also negatively impacted the fledgling industrial sector.

The lack of such collaboration has also contributed to the high levels of graduate unemployment arising from the mismatch between what students are taught and the skills requirement of the labour market.

This session addresses the need for a structured approach to enhancing partnerships between academia and industry, understand the steps required, identify the different areas in which such collaboration is possible or feasible and develop a roadmap for institutionalising academia-industry collaboration in Nigeria.