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May 2021

The Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) is pleased to announce a call for submissions to the NESG Economic and Policy Review (EPR). The NESG Economic and Policy Review (EPR) is a bi-annual publication of the NESG which was established to serve as an avenue for constructive analysis of economic policies and their impacts on different aspects of the business and economic environment.

The objectives of the EPR are to provide unbiased authoritative insights and opinions on the Nigerian economy, provide innovative solutions to key challenges facing the Nigerian economy, and shape readers’ knowledge by providing in-depth analyses on trending national, international business and economic developments.

As such, the NESG calls on all economic enthusiasts to submit their manuscript for publication in the first edition of the EPR in the year 2021. Manuscripts can focus on the general macroeconomic overview as well as those that explore various economic issues from a sectoral perspective.

The Guidelines for Publication are as follows:

  • Manuscripts must be insightful, persuasive, original, and constructive with evidence-based analysis
  • Manuscripts must be relevant and cover current and future economic issues facing the country
  • Ideas must be clearly communicated in a style that business owners, managers and policy makers can understand
  • Manuscript must take the following structure: Executive Summary; Introduction; Body; Policy Recommendation and Conclusion
  • Manuscripts should range from 1,500 to 2,500 words with font size 11, double- spaced in Times New Roman font
  • Manuscripts should be appropriately referenced using the American Psychological Association (APA) style
  • Electronic copy of the manuscripts should be submitted to the NESG designated email address on or before the submission deadline
  • Manuscripts published elsewhere or those under consideration will not be accepted.

All manuscripts should be submitted to

All views expressed in submitted manuscripts are those of the author and do not reflect the views of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG). Only manuscripts that adhere strictly to the stated guidelines will be considered and all manuscripts should be submitted on or before June 4th, 2021.

Dr. Olusegun Omisakin

Chief Economist and Director of Research & Development