Launch of our new brand identity, The Nigerian Economic Summit Group
Jul 2019

July 10, 2019, Lagos: The Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), leading platform for public-private dialogue in Nigeria, announced today the launch of a new brand identity that aligns with its increasingly visible role as a think tank with a mandate of promoting and championing reform of the Nigerian economy into an open and globally competitive one.

Since its inception in the early 1990’s, NESG has promoted its six foundational principles of:

  • Commitment to a Free Market Economy;
  • Encouragement of Private Sector Investments;
  • Creation of an Enabling Environment;
  • Good Governance in the National Interest;
  • Rule-Based Economy
  • Establishment of Economic Foundation for Democracy.

Today, NESG is an important think tank intently focused on the critical roles of dialogue partner, watch dog, intervener and connector within an ever-expanding public policy space. The new brand identity reflects these important characteristics of the organization.

Speaking at the launch event, NESG Chairman, Mr. Asue Ighodalo stated that the new brand identity is an exciting change for the NESG. It represents our evolution from being the ad-hoc platform founded by top private sector players in the early 1990’s, into a think-tank that is constantly driven to make changes and impart positively on the economic discourse of the nation and beyond.

“Over the past 25 years our talented team of colleagues and vast network of volunteers has built a solid foundation with a strong reputation for sustaining advocacy and facilitating public policy changes in the national interest. This new branding will support our tireless work to clear the path and enable further engagements with a global focus”, Mr. Ighodalo stated.

The new NESG logo represents the values of sustainable economic growth, innovation and globalization that the NESG has been associated with. The four components of the logo represent the mandate of the NESG. The blue crest represents Nigeria’s space in the global economy, and the brand’s interaction with the global trends to become a world class think tank. The arrow in the typography represents the trajectory that the Nigerian economy needs to attain for the survival and happiness of its citizens.

The NESG brand is as much about sustainable economic growth and innovation as it is about identity. The new brand identity sets expectations for what people should see, hear, and expect from NESG. It also provides NESG with a way to “live the brand” by translating its values into tangible action by the collective of public and private sector stakeholders.

The launch of the new brand identity coincides with the 25th edition of the annual Nigerian Economic Summit which is the flagship of the Group. This historic milestone event will take place at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja from October 7-8, 2019.  The theme for this year’s Summit is “Nigeria 2050: Shifting Gears” and the focus is to set a new agenda for Nigeria as we usher in the next industrial revolution and mark a critical strategic shift to a competitive private sector economy by 2050. Attendance at this year’s summit will be strictly by invitation.


About NESG:

The Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) is a private sector led think-tank organization that promotes sustainable growth and development in the Nigerian economy. It is a not-for profit/non-partisan organisation with a mandate to promote and champion the reform of the Nigerian economy into an open, private sector-led economy that is globally competitive on a sustainable basis. Over the years, it has emerged as the leading platform for public-private dialogue in Nigeria.

To learn more about the NESG, check @officialnesg on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Also visit for more information.

, The Nigerian Economic Summit Group

, The Nigerian Economic Summit Group

, The Nigerian Economic Summit Group