About us

NESG is a leading private sector Think-Tank and Policy Advocacy Group committed to the development of a modern globally competitive economy

The NESG engages government, private sector, and civil society on key development issues and economic policies in Nigeria. The strategic roles of the Group include those of being a; Dialogue Partner: Shaping policy through public debate, Connector: Instituting change through influence, Watchdog: Shaping policy through research and advocacy, Intervener: Instituting change through influence that mobilizes action. 
Since its establishment, the NESG has been able to shape policies through its annual economic summits and other high level policy engagements. In recent times, conscious efforts have been made to place more emphasis on strategic interventions without de-emphasizing the other functions of the NESG, in a bid to further influence public policy in Nigeria. The NESG shapes policy by conducting robust research and analysis on economic and critical reform issues. Over the years, the Group has made significant input into policy changes in Nigeria through independent research and advocacy. We deliver value to our members through policy fora and engagements which grants them the unique value proposition of influence over big topics, policy insights to aid business planning and access to continuously dialogue with policy makers.

our Values

As one of the most influential think-thank, the NESG employs a mix of levers to provide value for our members and create impact in areas
of its policy intervention. Typically:

We Engage

In evidence-based advocacy on behalf of our members and provide a forum for public-private sector dialogue with top public office holders and leading business executives in Nigeria.

We Generate

Independent, non-partisan research to support our agenda and draw from lessons learned & experiences of numerous professionals from our partner networks, into dialogue process.

We connect

Our members and partners to high-level government offices and open up access to interventions and political leadership that can drive needed policy changes in the country. .

We Monitor

The implementation progress with the public sector through the systematic functions of policy commissions and provide credible feedbacks to our stakeholders.

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The NESG undertakes research and analysis of socio-economic activities related to the
Nigerian economy.

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