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The Digital Economy Policy Commission (DEPC) is charged with the mandate of enabling Digital Transformation, Digital Government, and Digital Trade and Innovation to develop a Digital Economy across all sectors of the economy for inclusive and sustainable socioeconomic development. It seeks to achieve this through active promotion of sectoral private-public collaboration, policy development and implementation, and adoption of various recommendations from the Nigerian Economic Summit (NES).


  1. Developing Nigeria’s technological competency around its National identity, pride, belief and agenda
  2. Developing a national strategy with economic and social incentives to encourage the adoption of digital technology among Nigerians
  3. Fully implementing the e-government masterplan to drive innovation
  4. Establishing research institutions such as innovation hubs and think tanks to improve technology awareness
  5. Revising the Nigerian school curriculum to enable digital literacy, entrepreneurship, and innovation
  6. Collaborating with stakeholders to scale digital training and upskilling among the citizenry
  7. Creating platforms that adopt local languages and are readily available and easy to use to encourage inclusion in digital technology
  8. Implementing awareness, compliance and enforcement on data rights and data protection
  9. Fostering the adoption of indigenous technology by private organizations and MDAs.

PC Reports

Digital Economy Policy Commission General Assembly Report
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White Paper on the Nigeria Startup Bill
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Thematic Groups



Catalysing the emergence of native Digital Platforms that are developed from Africa is an urgent imperative. Ecommerce, ride sharing, marketplaces, etc – are all opportunities for the future. Fostering the growth of such digital platforms, either independently or in collaboration with the global giants would be the objective of this Thematic Group.



Focused on Digital Literacy across citizens, entrepreneurs, and government officials to enhance the adoption and use of digital products and services across the larger population, as well as towards creating an enabling ecosystem to bring the digital economy to life with new, growth-oriented ventures and the transformation of existing businesses using digital technologies.



This Thematic Group is focused on the delivery of innovative solutions and strategic interventions towards promoting the deployment of networks in underserved areas and supporting the reduction of broadband costs. In addition, it has an objective of advocating for data as a critical digital infrastructure with investment required in developing Big data and Artificial Intelligence capabilities.



Focused on building a national framework and policy environment for a successful adoption of Digital economy, and harmonizing e-Governance to enable innovation and citizen participation in government. This Thematic group would serve as a bridge between Organized Private Sector and Public Sector, to ensure that the right policy instruments to enhance the digitization of the Nigerian economy is in place.


Digital Economy Policy Commission General Assembly

Digital Economy Policy Commission General Assembly ...

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Milestones & Current Intiatives

  • The Digital Economy Policy Commission is collaborating with the Policy Innovation Center to implement the Digital Access Programme (DAP) project across five states in Nigeria: Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Lagos and Edo State.
  • The DAP project, structured to build sustainable Digital inclusion in Nigeria, has been successfully carried out in Abuja and Lagos. The project seeks to advance the implementation of the National Digital Economy Policy and Strategy 2020-2030, focusing on Developmental regulations, Digital services development and promotion, Digital society and emerging technologies, and Indigenous content promotion and development at the national and state level.

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