Science and Technology Policy Commission

The NESG Policy Commission on Science and Technology was constituted as a platform for public/private sector dialogue and collaboration on the development of a national strategy for mainstreaming science and technology in the socio-economic development of the country.

about the Science and Technology Policy Commission

Over the past few years, science and technology has played an increasing and definitive role in the economic growth and diversification of the Nigerian economy; in 2013 for instance, the telecommunications and information services sector contributed 8.68 % to the Nigerian economy. Contribution to GDP is now estimated at about 9.3%.

However, much remains to be accomplished as Nigeria is currently underperforming relative to its human capital and does not appear to have a comprehensive strategy for the science and technology sector. Low levels of R&D investment, weak institutions, brain drain, and poor access to markets attenuate Nigeria’s S&T innovation potential. Nigeria’s global competitive ranking also fell from 120 to 127th in the previous year. In the area of research and development, Nigeria lags behind other countries like South Africa and Egypt. According to NEPAD’s African Innovation Outlook (2010), Nigeria produced 27,743 papers or 12 percent of the total research output of 19 African countries surveyed between 1990 and 2009.

thematic groups

RESEARCH AND CApacity building

This thematic group focuses on research and capacity development, which may include other stakeholders such as education at all tiers.


It encompasses all aspects of information and communication technology hardware, infrastructure and software.

core engineering

This thematic group focuses on industrial technologies covering the broad spectrum of applied technology, Engineering and Manufacturing Technology, Technology Transfer and Acquisition, Building and Roads Technology, Space Science and Technology

core sciences

The broad spectrum of science as defined in the scope of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Biotechnology (Agriculture, Health & Environment), Natural Medicine Development, Renewable Energy, education, etc.



Baseline Report on the State of Science and Technology in Nigeria


Innovation Fair


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The Real Sector Policy Commission (RSPC) comprises of both public and private sector members bestowed with the core duty to analyse and determine priorities of real sector recommendations at NES and other policy dialogues.