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The objective is to advocate for the adoption of policies for the sustainable development, management and good corporate governance in the Tourism, Hospitality, Entertainment and Creative Arts and Sports Industries, and primarily deal with development and implementation of strategies from P-P-P perspective, to entrench them as key drivers of the Nigerian Economy.

• 1ST Breakout Session on Sports as a Business (NES#23, October 2017): - Sports as a major sector of the economy • SITG as a Thematic Group of THECS Policy Commission (January 2018) • The inaugural meeting of SITG (August 2018) - Outlined Action Plan for the development of sports as an industry • 2nd Breakout Session at NES#24, October 2018) - Highlighting and Maximizing the present opportunities in the Sports Industry. • Formation of 7 Sub-Groups - Establish the parameters for developing a viable, private sector-led sports industry in Nigeria

2019 DELIVERABLES • The national synergy between Federal Ministry of Youth & Sport with the Ministry of Education on the unified sporting calendar and grassroots participation • Encourage the development of a Special Funding Window for the Sports Industry • Provide incentives for private-sector investment

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