About this Policy Commission

The Digital Economy Policy Commission (DEPC) is charged with the mandate of enabling Digital Transformation, Digital Government, and Digital Trade and Innovation to develop a Digital Economy across all sectors of the economy for inclusive and sustainable socioeconomic development. It seeks to achieve this through active promotion of sectoral private-public collaboration, policy development and implementation, and adoption of various recommendations from the Nigerian Economic Summit (NES).


  1. Developing Nigeria’s technological competency around its National identity, pride, belief and agenda
  2. Developing a national strategy with economic and social incentives to encourage the adoption of digital technology among Nigerians
  3. Fully implementing the e-government masterplan to drive innovation
  4. Establishing research institutions such as innovation hubs and think tanks to improve technology awareness
  5. Revising the Nigerian school curriculum to enable digital literacy, entrepreneurship, and innovation
  6. Collaborating with stakeholders to scale digital training and upskilling among the citizenry
  7. Creating platforms that adopt local languages and are readily available and easy to use to encourage inclusion in digital technology
  8. Implementing awareness, compliance and enforcement on data rights and data protection
  9. Fostering the adoption of indigenous technology by private organizations and MDAs.

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