Prospective participants will undergo a vigorious selection process and upon successful application, participate in a robust capacity development program targeted at building the future generation of influencers and catalysts of public opinion.


This initiative seeks to ensure sustainability of the NESG by developing future, highly motivated leaders who are capable of advancing the Group’s ideology. It provides the opportunity for the Group to engage the youth in active citizenship and also focus on the professional development of future leaders, entrepreneurs, pioneers and innovators who will shape Nigeria’s economic future


The future of Nigeria rests in the hands of youth who represent 30% of our growing population. The NESG intends to leverage the passion, resourcefulness and energy of this critical stakeholder group to contribute to the policy debate and nation building, in a constructive manner by creating a platform that facilitates free expression and effective engagement.

To ensure relevance and connection to the Nigerian youth, we seek to attract and retain high potential talent and create a conducive environment for effective youth participation. Representatives of the future generation will be providied the unique opportunity to shape the public debate and contribute to problem solving and policy formulation on a wide variety of critical issues, thereby influencing public policy and contributing to the sustainable development of a globally competitive Nigerian economy.


Participants have gone through a vigorious selection process and upon successful application, have participated in a robust capacity development program targeted at building the future generation of influencers and catalysts of public opinion.

Other benefits include knowledge sharing, the opportunity to engage policy makers, access to high profile individuals and expansion of their network to include highly motivated peers, experts, specialists and the priviledge of meaningfully contributing to national discourse and problem solving.







ASSIgned to PC'S


NESG YII Capacity Building Road Map


NESG Academy - Foundation & Intermediate Schools

  • The curriculum includes leadership, research methodology, analytical thinking, written and verbal communication, analysis and report writing, persuasion, advocacy etc.
  • Participants will participate in presentations, public speaking etc.

Work Shadowing Opportunities

  • Participants will be assigned to NESG Research Department or Communications and Public Relations Department for a period of three months on a rolling basis.


Mentoring Program

  • Upon graduation from the Academy, each graduate will be assigned a mentor for the period of two years.

Communication and Social Media Marketing

  • Interested participants will actively participate in executing the NESG Social Media strategy. The objective is participants direct involvement in disseminating information on the Group’s activities.

Research Capability

  • Six months into the Program, participants will be assigned a Research Assistant Role within a chosen Policy Commission for a period of one year working closely with a Consultant.


Annual Rotation within various Policy Commissions

  • To take advantage to the wide range of areas of interest within the NESG, participants will have the privilege of working in different Policy Commissions during the course of the Program.

Participation in the Annual Summit