Nesg economic and policy review journal

The NESG Economic and Policy Review (EPR) is a quarterly publication of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), established to serve as an avenue for constructive analysis of economic policies and their impacts on different aspects of the business and economic environment.

EPR enlists experts in public policy, business, economic theory and practice to express their thoughts and views in the most influential way possible on economic policy and direction of government and the Nigerian economy in the short, medium and long terms.

  • Dr. Doyin Salami, Chairman of the Board
  • Mr. ‘Laoye Jaiyeola, CEO, NESG
  • Dr. Temitope Oshikoya, Member
  • Dr. Andrew S. Nevin, Member
  • Dr. Fred Olayele , Member
  • Dr. Obadiah Mailafia, Member
  • Mr. Ike Chioke
, Member
  • Mr. Frank Aigbogun , Member
  • Mr. Charles N Mordi Member
  • Dr. Lucy Newman, Member
  • Mrs. Mosun Belo-Olusoga, Member
  • Mr. ‘Laoye Jaiyeola, CEO, NESG
  • Mr. Tunde Ojo, Editor
  • Dr. Olusegun Omisakin
  • Mrs. Adedayo Akinbiyi
  • Dr. Olufemi Saibu
  • Dr. Afolabi Olowookere
  • Mr. Henry Adigun
  • Mr. Chidi Anya
  • Dr. Danjuma Mamoud
  • Mr. Nnanna Ayim-Ude
  • Dr. Ogho Okiti
  • Mrs. Uwa Osa-Oboh
  • Mrs. Aisha Abdulahi
  • Ms. Zainab Usman
  • Mrs. Seun Tayo Balogun
  • Mr. Wilson Erumebor

NESG Research invites authors to submit manuscripts (articles, book/article reviews and letters) for the next edition of the EPR. All manuscripts must be sent to

Submission Guidelines

  • Manuscripts must be insightful, persuasive, original, and constructive with evidence-based analysis
  • Manuscripts must be relevant and cover current and future economic issues facing the country
  • Ideas must be clearly communicated in a style that business owners, managers and policy makers can understand
  • Manuscript must take the following structure: Abstract; Introduction; Body;
    Policy Recommendation; Conclusion
    and Reference.
  • Manuscripts should not be more than 2,500 words with font size 11, single- spaced in Times New Roman font
  • Manuscripts should be appropriately referenced using the American Psychological Association (APA) style
  • Manuscripts published elsewhere or those under consideration will not be accepted.
  • All manuscripts should be sent to
  • All views expressed in submitted manuscripts are those of the author and do not reflect the views of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG).


The EPR Editorial Board will assess all submitted write-ups and determine those that qualify for publication based on the above-listed guidelines.