The NESG is a membership-based organization, which private sector professionals can subscribe to become a part of. It draws its membership from all sectors of the economy and has three categories of membership which are- Corporate Elite, Corporate Enhanced and Individual Members.

The beneficiaries of NESG’s services are its members, the wider private sector, public sector and development partners. Membership of the Policy Commissions is drawn from NESG members and the general public.

This initiative seeks to ensure sustainability of the NESG by developing future, highly motivated leaders who are capable of advancing the Group’s ideology. It provides the opportunity for the Group to engage the youth in active citizenship and also focus on the professional development of future leaders, entrepreneurs, pioneers and innovators who will shape Nigeria’s economic future.

The future of Nigeria rests in the hands of youth who represent 30% of our growing population. The NESG intends to leverage the passion, resourcefulness and energy of this critical stakeholder group to contribute to the policy debate and nation building, in a constructive manner by creating a platform that facilitates free expression and effective engagement
To ensure relevance and connection to the Nigerian youth, we seek to attract and retain high potential talent and create a conducive environment for effective youth participation.

Membership of the Policy Commissions is open to individuals with a strong track record of good performance and excellence in their respective field of interest. These members should also demonstrate maximum commitment and interest in any or all the core areas of their Policy Commission of interest. In order to achieve the overall objective of the Policy Commissions through diversity of ideas and effective stakeholder participation, membership should include individuals and corporate representatives from the private sector, civil society, government Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) at federal and state level, non-governmental organization and multi-lateral agencies. The Policy Commission anchor, working with the leadership should continuously search for, and invite credible individuals and corporations to become members of the Policy Commission.

The Nigerian Economic Summit Group is a think-tank organization that
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