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Nigerian Economic Summit (NES) Reports

The Summit Reports (Greenbook) are excerpts of the deliberations and recommendations made at each Nigerian Economic Summit. After every Summit, these recommendations are presented for implementation to the Federal Government of Nigerian through the Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning.

Most Recent

25th Nigerian Economic Summit – Nigeria 2050: Shifting Gears

N igeria’s economic development is at a turning point. The Federal Government’s Economic Recovery and Growth Plan will run out in 2020, the United Nations has projected that the country’s population will double by 2050 to 410 million, the Africa Continental Free Trade Area has come into effect, the world is standing on the brink of a Fourth Industrialization Revolution and global economic outlook which has been characterized by economic nationalism and trends towards deglobalization, remains volatile but cautiously optimistic. This emerging trajectory could create three possible Scenarios as we approach 2050 that will be influenced by domestic factors such as the exponential growth in population and changes in demography, rapid urbanisation, the impact of climate change as well as the unity and safety of Nigeria.

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